Roma Street Developments & Its Impact on Brisbane Property

Local transportation infrastructure improvements are often regarded as beneficial to an area’s economic growth as well as its property values. Having easy access to a train station with a rapid link into the city or suburbs has a massive impact not only on the daily life of residents but also the rapid development of real estate and recreational projects and their quality. Property values are significantly enhanced if the property is in close proximity to public transport. 

How new transport infrastructure affects property prices and sale values

If you live in a large bustling city, like Brisbane, any improvements to local transportation are likely to increase the value of your home or commercial property. Cross River Rail’s major improvement in transportation connectivity and the revitalisation of the Roma Street precinct will open up prospects for urban regeneration and the upgrading of public spaces in the neighbourhood. Such developments boost property and investment opportunities for everyone. It also encourages private sector development to establish new commercial and residential centres in one of the city’s fasting growing areas. Investing in Brisbane property is a great idea at this time. 

The development of the Roma Street precinct in Brisbane is projected to become Queensland’s prime transportation centre, with convenient access to a crucial Olympic site, new housing, and increased park spaces.

What exactly does this project entail?

Cross River Rail is building a new underground train station that will connect to bus services to create the state’s busiest public transportation junction. In the Roma Street Parklands, just to the north, more than two hectares of new publicly accessible open spaces will be built around new residential buildings that will contain social and affordable house investment property. A new indoor arena will be erected to host events for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics and Paralympics, and new bicycle and pedestrian walkways will be created across the area. 

This project will generate a steady stream of construction jobs, trade property and investment possibilities, and legacy initiatives that will benefit Queenslanders for decades.

How will Roma Street developments affect Brisbane property prices?

This is a “once in a generation” infrastructure boom. Experts are projecting that the prices of houses and commercial areas positioned near Roma Street station will climb exponentially. This project will have a direct positive influence on the adjacent suburbs, enhancing their liveability and potential for expansion. To make an informed decision, you can compare the suburbs data and make a decision for where to invest. You can also learn about property investment in Brisbane by consulting Brisbane Invest to weigh all your options, before making a purchase.

Making a lifestyle investment

Like everywhere else in Australia, Brisbane’s property is derived by demographics. The areas with the best facilities, entertainment options and family wellbeing, are the ones where people want to live. Considering property investments also with a covid-era lens, a neighbourhood that offers, the best facilities nearby without putting you in danger will be the priority for people. 

Opportunities like this to invest in a future megacity’s property market boom are rare. It would be wise to invest in property in the area before the capital valuation of the property increases. Consult the team at Brisbane Invest to find an investment property that is right for you. 

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