Investing in Brisbane Property
Investing in property

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Set up for the future using our comprehensive property investment service designed to provide comfort and confidence when taking the next steps into the property market.

Location is obviously a key factor when investing in property. We have a deep understanding of the market and work hard for our clients to help them identify areas that provide key infrastructure, transport, employment schools, retail etc.

At Brisbane Invest we have long-standing relationships with well-established builders giving us the edge on the market with access to pre-release properties.

Investing in property is a major decision and our focus is on building long term relationships and assisting our clients to create a financially secure future.

We have merged our expertise with an opportunity for you to get to know Brisbane and your proposed property intimately and encourage you to consider how this will provide security and protection when taking the next property investment steps.

Investing in Brisbane Property

When it comes to property investment, the most important thing to really understand is what is driving the growth in Brisbane and then using that information to identify the key areas to invest in.

Our role as your property wealth advisor is to inform and guide you to ensure that your investment decisions are based on research and facts. We will guide you towards areas where growth potential and desirability are matched to provide solid property investment opportunities.

Brisbane Invest has access to quality stock, including townhouses and house and land packages in various locations around Greater Brisbane. Prices range from approximately $400K – $600K. Rental yields vary but are generally in the vicinity of 5% per annum.

There is an exciting future planned for and rolling out in Brisbane, making it one of Australia’s most desirable cities. This is continuing to support a burgeoning property investment market, providing strong potential opportunities for individuals to create wealth and future security.

We have pre-release access to properties from top tier developers, comprehensive reports on specific developments on request, a deep understanding of the Brisbane market and strong connections to quality developers on premium estates. If you are serious about investing in the exciting future that is planned for Brisbane then we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

All Part of The Service

For those serious about a Brisbane property investment, our service includes the following:

• Pick-up from the airport,
• Guided tour of Brisbane,
• Personalised visit to your proposed property,
• Investment consultation.



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Brisbane property is currently enjoying the benefits of a perfect storm. Strong projections for capital growth and historically low interest rates combined with affordability and strong yields. In short, there has never been a better time to invest. We welcome the opportunity for potential investors to leverage off our knowledge and expertise.
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    As an experienced property investment company with our own portfolios, we understand the risk you may feel as you enter the market. We take our role very seriously and aim to utilise our knowledge and experience to maximum benefit for our clients.


    There is a layer of knowledge under the surface that you can only gain by being on the ground in property investment for many years. This is where you benefit from an experienced property advisor with comprehensive information and great instinct.


    Brisbane Invest has pre-release access to properties from top tier developers on premium estates, comprehensive reports on specific developments and a deep understanding of the Brisbane property market.